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Necklace lengths 101

We recently got a question from a reader wondering how long she should make necklaces that she is planning to sell at an upcoming craft fair. This is a great question because a number of factors influence the finished length of a design, including style, materials, and the body that is going to wear the piece! As it happens, my good friend and jewelry designer extraordinaire Maggie Roschyk wrote about necklace lengths several years ago for us and I thought it would be interesting to share this portion of her article, which address the three most common necklace lengths:
• Princess length, 17–19 in. (43–48 cm): Princess-length necklaces fall just below the collarbone. This is probably the most common necklace length. Keep in mind that if the necklace hangs too low, it can bounce around on the chest and slip under clothing, hidden from view.
• Matinee length, 20–24 in. (51–61 cm): This length necklace drapes onto the chest. It is a very modern and trendy length and is perfect for necklaces featuring large focals.
• Opera length, 28–32 in. (71–81 cm): Opera-length pieces drape onto the mid-section of the body. This is a wonderful length, especially if the beads have a texture that the wearer will want to touch. Be mindful of using materials that could break. This length can swing and smack into a car door, so avoid focals that will flap around. Also, this length requires a special focus on balance. Remember that the heaviest part of your necklace will answer the call of gravity and shift downward.
Knowing common necklace lengths can be very helpful when you're prepping for a show. There's more to consider as well. To read Maggie's entire article, click on the link below!
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