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Share your "Cat on the mat" photos!

Let's face it. If you bead and have a cat, it's just a fact of life that your furry friend will find the most opportune time to ever so slyly (like a ninja!) creep onto your beading area. At first, he or she might just sit next to your beading mat.
tippy the beading cat
Then a paw might gently reach over and just touch a bead or two. Then there is that entertaining moment of being taunted by moving thread, and before you know it, the cat's entire body is now covering your beaded project. If you are like me, I bet you feel bad moving the darling creature and just let your furry friend have his crowning moment of victory before getting shooed away. This is a picture of my cat named Tippy. He is all black except for a white tip on his tail, thus you can discern his clever name:-)
tippy the beading cat
We thought it would be super fun to share "Cat on the mat" photos for an upcoming gallery we are creating. We would love to see photos of your furry beading helpers, or as other's have referred to them as "quality control managers." Honorary cats, who also love beading mats, are also welcome - dogs, parrots, even gerbils! Just upload your photos to our server. The process is very simple. Just click here.

During our staff meetings, we often share lots of laughs when talking about the personalities of cats when it comes to beading. For fun, we even brainstormed new product ideas for cat lovers who are also beaders. Like bead mat protectors, where you have a short shelf that sits directly over your beading mat. The cat can rest on the shelf above your work while you sit there happily beading away. We even came up with a beading incubator like what they use for premie babies or maybe a science lab that works with volatile bacteria that must be protected in a glass case. You gain access into the case through small round openings for your hands. A perfect way to protect your beadwork from prying furry paws.

So come join in on the fun and send us your photos and stay tuned for details of when the gallery will be open.

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