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Fostering creativity


I love the quote above by Maya Angelou. Creativity is, indeed, a renewable resource!

Whether it can be scientifically proven or not, many people know from experience that the best way to get your creativity flowing is to simply start creating. Think you’re not the creative type? Nonsense! Everyone has the potential to transform inspiration and ideas into something great. And certain practices can help you foster a creative mindset:

  • Make sure you are free of distractions and stress It’s a myth that people are more creative under deadline. Give yourself plenty of time to work on a creative project, and if you hit a roadblock, sleep on it. Many people report finding solutions to challenges after a nap or a good night’s sleep.
  • Push your skills, but not too much If you attempt something too far beyond your skill set, you may get frustrated and give up. If you don’t try anything new, you may get bored. Try to create something in a technique that you are familiar with but haven’t used a lot. Or consider what else you can do with a technique you know really well.
  • Broaden your knowledge And I don’t mean about beading or jewelry making. Learn something new about birds or cars or architecture (or whatever floats your boat!), and see how your new knowledge sparks creativity in your beading.
  • Have fun! Research has shown that people who are in a good mood are better at coming up with creative ideas. One day’s happiness often predicts the next day’s creativity. So if you know you are going to be working on creative designs on a given day, schedule a fun outing the day before.

Now that you're armed with these creativity-enhancing ideas, put them into practice! And let us know if you find them helpful.

Happy beading!

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