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A year in review

This is the time of year for enjoying celebrations, planning get-togethers, feasting with family dinners, and looking back at the year gone by. What new things did you do? What techniques did you share with others?
Figure 1
Most of my work was Kumihimo, but not all. My final square for the Bead-It-Forward Project included a real meteorite (Figure 1). This is a hematite AB square with silver-plated Delicas interspersed among the darker Delicas. To that, I added a 1.6 gram Campo del Cielo meteorite that is wrapped in fine silver 26 gauge wire.

When this fell from space, one meteorite had burnt wood underneath it that enabled scientists to take samples of charred wood. These samples were taken from beneath the meteorite fragments and analyzed for carbon-14 composition. The results indicate the date of the fall to be around 4,200–4,700 years ago, or 2,200–2,700 years BC.
Figure 2
Ounce per ounce, meteorites can be more valuable than gold, and people search for them, just as others search for gold.

Before the year finished, I managed to do another Encased Crystal bracelet (Figure 2), and it was fun remembering the October 2015 Bead Retreat sponsored by the Bead Society of New Hampshire. This year I am serving as its president, and in February, Janice Burnes will help the group at a meeting to design theirs.
Figure 3
I am currently working on a design for a necklace and a pair of earrings to match this bracelet. And in the store, I am pricing and marking flowers and leaves for spring designing. Ricky is busy making chain maille, and as usual, it is selling fast (Figure 3).

Teaching was fun this past year as well. I taught at Cape Cod and at BSNH meetings, mostly Kumihimo flat braids and Sonia Corbin-Davis’ Kumi Hoop Earrings, which made the cover of the book Kumihimo Ultimate Collection. I wonder what other patterns are in the book.

To those of you reading my blog entries, I thank you for following me, and I wish you all the best this holiday season. Fill the coming year with the fun of beading and jewelry design.

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