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Top 10 beading projects for summer

I always look at Labor Day weekend as a transitional period. Summer is winding down, the kids are back in school (here in Wisconsin, the kids started this past Tuesday), and fashion trends are starting to change with the season. Yikes! Target is even starting to fill their  aisles with Halloween candy.

The end of summer is a time of reflection and a time to ponder just how the season flew by so quickly. It means no more lazy mornings for the kids, leisurely nights without homework, and bedtime curfews being ignored. I miss those days already! Now, new routines are in place and the days and nights will start cooling down soon.

It can be tough for me to say goodbye to summer as I love designing with fun, bright, whimsical colors. Once cold weather hits, a summery color palette seems so out of place. I have a few works in progress featuring bright colors and I'm thinking that this three-day weekend is the perfect time to try and wind them up before I lose interest in them. It's time to start focusing on the warmer fall and winter tones, which is also always a welcome change. We are even in the thick of working on the December 2015 issue of Bead&Button magazine (which I think you will be super excited about!)

I'm sending you warm beady thoughts over this Labor Day weekend, and I hope you find time to relax and maybe sneak in some beading time to work on some of your favorite projects. Here is a picture that I drew in the sand that reflects my love for summer and beads. Anyone else feel the same way?
If you're looking to finish up the season on a beady note, try one of our top 10 downloads from this summer:    

Blooming flower pendant by Justyna Slzezak

Surfin' the waves by Jimmie Boatright

Serpentine soutache bracelet
by Alexandra Sydorenko

Lavish layers cuff by Cathy Lampole

Fan favorite bracelet
by Svetlana Chernitsky

Artfully adorned bracelet by Nichole Starman

Layered rings pendant by Wendy Speare

Snowflower ornament by Julia Gerlach (Christmas in July!)

Gift-wrapped glam by Samantha Mitchell

Peeking pearls
by Catharina Thomas

Happy Labor Day!

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