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How Far Should I Take It?

Last blog I did included a finding called a ribbon crimp. I have been using these in Kumihimo bracelets for a few months now and I find that work exceptionally well. I have been preparing kits for a few classes I am teaching, and of course I wanted a variety of color ways from which to choose. I started with two colors I liked (and I am alone in liking those two) and I wanted a lot of contrast to show the braid (Figure 1).
Figure 1
One thing I did was ask those I knew who would be in the class what two colors they would like to see in kits I will be bringing to the classes. I received several replies, and started working on making examples of how those colors would look in a braid. The braid I did in yellow and black was a balanced braid. Other combinations of colors were worked into asymmetrical braids (Figure 2).
Red and white bracelet
Figure 2
I continued to experiment, being sure to photograph the initial setup on the Kumihimo square disk. For instance, the setup for the red and white bracelet was very different from my first attempt (Figure 3).
Figure 3
As I continue to make bracelets that my customers wanted to see, I started shopping for more rattail (2mm) in pastel colors. One of the prettiest was one done in Glacier Aqua and Orange Sherbet (Figure 4).
After making twenty bracelets, I taught the bracelet to a seven-year-old. She did fine with hers, but guess what? She took two colors that I did not have a kit!  I did not get a picture of her bracelet. It occurs to me that I could make hundreds of bracelets that are different. I had used only half of the colors I had in rattail! And then there are all of the colors of Soutache you can use.

So, how far should I take this?

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