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How to read our secret (but not really so secret) beading project item # codes

I saw a cute post on a bead weaving forum not too long ago that gave me a chuckle. The post was a revelation of how a reader figured out the secret to our numbering system to individual projects in our Jewelry&Beading Store.

Well, it’s not really a secret but rather an easy systematic approach as to how individual projects from past Bead&Button issues are coded.

Each project is given an Item # that appears under the title of that particular project. For example, lets look at Item #bbpdf140824.

To read the code, look at the numbers after the bbpdf (Oh, these letters stand for Bead&Button and the fact that the project is a PDF). So the first two numbers stand for the year, the second two numbers stand for the month, and the final numbers represent the page number where the project was originally located in the Bead&Button magazine. Just remember this order *Year *Month *Page, and then you too can look at all of the Bead&Button projects on our website to find out which issue and page number the project was originally featured in.

So for the example we are discussing, you can find these lovely earrings designed by Svetlana Chernitsky from the 2014 August issue starting on page 24. Pretty cool don’t you think?

Oh, and if you see other projects on our website that don’t have the bbpdf letters proceeding the numbers, they might be from our sister Kalmbach jewelry making magazines.

  • bspdf stands for Bead Style magazine
  • wrkpdf stands for Wirework magazine
  • ajpdf stands for Art Jewelry magazine
  • and… don’t forget that bbpdf stands for Bead&Button magazine

So now you have the secret inside scoop that isn’t really such a secret. Enjoy!

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